Atomic Slayer of White (Nuker ) is one of the main spirits of the TDC franchise. He appeared in several games and media including TDC/Westargia and TDC/series. He also appears as one of the main characters in the web serial, Vater De Philosophy.


Nuker's True Name is Julius Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer is born to a wealthy Jewish immigrant from Germany named Julius Oppenheimer. He was born in New York City, on April 22, 1904.

Main RoleEdit

He is often seen in the web serial, however, despite his availability, characters such as Marie Curie, Emanuel Lasker, Albert Einstein and Michael Faraday has more major roles than him. In the serial, Vater de Philosophy, he is introduced as a protagonist and a false deutragonist.

Nuker has met with some popularity since the first release of the series. And most of his artwork has more than one views.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nuker is often seen as a middle aged man with a curtained haircut. He also had scars and scratches on his face, eyebrows, shirt, trousers and on his shoulder. He is often impatient but calm in the inside. According to some records, he is seen as a cartoon - styled anthromorphic bomb. After a few sketches, Nuker got a humanized design. The stitches were inspired by his explosive personality and delinquent nature. The strings attached to his neck were not hair, however they were inspired by strings connected to a bomb.